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We raise and sell miniature donkeys and miniature mules in California.

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All of our miniature donkeys and miniature mules are raised with love and kindness.

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We offer all the best quality miniature donkeys and miniature mules.

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LTA’s uses a genotype breeding program to provide Champion donkeys. A genotype program studies the phenotypes of the sire and dam for composition, demenour and health. We only breed donkeys that have a compatible genetic history. In many cases, you cannot gaurantee the background of your donkey. Our donkeys are the product of pure bloodlines. A genotype breeding program increases the odds that you will bring home a high quality foal with genetic consistency. We create Champions from Champions.

About Us

For your best friend

The focus of our small farm is to breed outstanding, colorful and conformational correct miniature donkeys for both the professional breeder and hobby owner to enjoy and appreciate. We represent our donkeys honestly and stand behind their quality. We guarantee their conformation, gentle personalities, good health and trainable dispositions. We are pleased to offer diverse pedigrees from proven bloodlines, and professional, experienced breeders who for years continue to produce donkeys with genetic consistency and championship wins from coast to coast. Our foundation bloodlines come across the United States and Canada. Our bloodlines are from the following famous, reputable breeders that are known for their high standards and quality.

We breed miniature donkeys and provide coaching to show and confidently raise a champion donkey. LTA is committed to your satisfaction.

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Pure Bloodline

At LTA, we only deal in purebred animals and offer healthy miniature donkeys that have been carefully selected and bred.

Easy to Train

At LTA, we only provide miniature donkey breeds that are funny, intelligent, highly receptive, calm, and extremely easy to train.

Calm Demeanor

Our miniature donkeys have a calm demeanor, and we deal in breeds that are known for their intelligence and friendliness.

Family Friendly

By using careful selection and advanced breeding techniques, we, at LTA, provide healthy, intelligent, and family-friendly miniature donkeys for sale.

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