Breeding Program

LTA’s uses a genotype breeding program to provide Champion donkeys. A genotype program studies the phenotypes of the sire and dam for composition, demenour and health. We only breed donkeys that have a compatible genetic history. In many cases, you cannot gaurantee the background of your donkey. Our donkeys are the product of pure bloodlines. A genotype breeding program increases the odds that you will bring home a high quality foal with genetic consistency. We create Champions from Champions.

What We Look For In Our Donkeys

We have a number of important physical and mental traits that make our donkeys superior.

  • Correct conformation
  • Beautiful coloring
  • Good health
  • Even temperment
  • Proven bloodlines
  • Trainable dispositions

LTA maintains a genotype breeding program. Genotype breeding is a challenging but highly influential method to breed superior miniature donkeys. Love that Ass is commited to being a top miniature donkey breeder in California.

We believe that a sale is just the beginning of a compatable, supportive relationship with you, not the end. We are commited to you, helping in anyway possible. Please contact us if you have any questions. We’re always at the other end to lend a hand with support in raising and enjoying these delightful, gentle little pieces of heaven.

LTA pays special attention to their genotype breeding program: