Fantasy Donkeys

Fantasy Donkeys

Fantasy Donkeys in San Diego, CA

Everyone does something different with their donkeys. Some share the same shows, driving events, or parades. It is a common bond between all of us who love and proudly own miniature donkeys.

It was an early realization to me that these short, hairy ambassadors of good will were in their own right magical! Over and over again I was the witness to reactions from thrilled and delighted to disbelief and sheer excitement. These donkeys enlightened all ages, from older adults in wheelchairs or hospital beds to a five-year-old at a joyous birthday party. These donkeys made a lasting impression on every life they touched.

All our plans for a show season for LOVE THAT ASS were put on hold for the creation and development of Fantasy Donkeys. Creativity knows no boundaries. My imagination went wild selecting music, developing costumes, and creating activities donkeys could do at different functions for a variety of age groups.

We offer a wedding trio. A beautiful jennet with flowers and fantasy fairy wings, a fancy flower, feathery head dress, and lovely white blossoms at her feet. A jeweled tutu of splendor in white, covered in sea pearls. Her groom has a cutaway black embroidered waistcoat and boutonnieres, with a bow tie made of black satin. To accompany the bride and groom, there is a handsome son dressed as a cabana boy. He walks among the wedding guests wearing colorful saddlebags filled with cold beer, as well as carrots for himself, the bride, and the groom. Having a cold beer and feeding donkeys is a real ice- breaker at any wedding!

The other Fantasy Donkeys are shampooed and clipped, their hooves polished and painted, and they are dressed in a variety of fun colorful outfits to be presented with unique music. Our donkeys interact at all events. For younger grous, we have fun activities for both children and the donkeys. Moms and dads smile and are in awe. Everyone enjoys and loves the donkeys💝. We at Fantasy Donkeys create events and memories to remember for a lifetime. There are plans for Fantasy Donkeys to do a Las Vegas show with a lot of special effects, lavish costumes, glamour, and glitz, and a show bursting with disbelief and surprise is planned. There will be a miniature donkey doing the Moonwalk with Michael Jackson, and a visit from the past from Marilyn Monroe performing with, of course, a miniature donkey!!!

With a lot of luck, help, and planning, LOVE THAT ASS will make the NMDA National Show. As far as Fantasy Donkeys, the show MUST go on, and will!