The Voice of Experience on Miniature Donkeys

The Voice of Experience on Miniature Donkeys

Miniature Donkeys for Sale in San Diego, CA

Miniature donkeys are delightful, full of personality, and very smart! Donkeys are known to be loyal, kind, sweet, gentle, and above all loving to their owners. They are incredibly safe for children and delight seniors.

What Do Miniature Donkeys Need?

Miniature donkeys love hugs and butt rubs. Treats are high on their priority list. They need a friend of their own kind, a playmate, someone for companionship and comfort. A pair of these beautiful miniature donkeys can be companions for a horse or larger donkey or mule and are great fun with goats.

Donkeys are very adaptable to their environment and will adjust to more or less space to roam. They enjoy an assortment of underbrush, weeds, and berries. They LOVE a healthy, green lawn! They should be fed clean grass and hay. Donkeys don’t need a high-protein diet. They need more roughage.

The Must Haves of Miniature Donkeys?

They love carrots, apples, and watermelon. Fresh, clean water is a MUST! Safe fencing such as a non-climb woven wire or mini horse panels are the best. A barn is excellent, but a three-sided shelter to keep out of the rain and wind is also a must.

I come from thirty years of experience with horses, my first love. I never thought I’d find anything I loved as much as a 🏇. You know what? I did! I find miniature donkeys to be everything a horse is and more. They are sensitive and sensible and an excellent addition to any family for pets and companions. They never let you down and are always glad to see you and welcome your friends. Miniature donkeys are very special indeed. A slice of heaven here on Earth…in your backyard!